Random Thoughts Pt. 1

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A bunch of random thoughts. And no, I'm not dead. Rated T for language.

Canada's retirement age should be 75, because our population will undoubtly get larger, our baby boomers (one of which being my father) will eventually become retirees thus raising our dependancy load, again. With the coming of a double-dip recession, it seems that our standard of living will keep a downfall. I suppose this is a bit extreme, but let's raise our retirement age to 75, just for the sake of keeping our standard of living.

SOPA sucks. It's a poorly formulated and overzealous way that garan-f*cking-tees complete and utter destruction of the internet. I don't know how anyone can be as f*cked up as them to create this g*dd*mn c*cksucking a**hole piece of sh*t that g*dd*mn f*cking sucks! In my opinion, I'd like this to disa-f*cking-ppear! How about NOPA, the No Online Piracy Act. Thumbs up if you agree!

Christian extremists are called "evandalists"

I finished reading most of Wikipedia, Now to find something else to read. Any ideas, besides fanfiction?

Kiershar's Map Save

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If you've been on Youtube and watching kiershar's videos, you may have seen the video about the monster trap (not the skyhigh trap). There is apparently a light switch used to turn on a multitude of torches that "magically" appear. Now if you want to figure this out yourself, then don't read the following. if you're too lazy to do anything properly, then read the following.

How the light switch works:


  • It's not magic, first, he places a lever onto wall.
  • He starts the video
  • When he gets to the point where he enters the trap, he flips the lever...
  • Then stops the video!
  • He uses grabs a bunch of torches, then haphazardly (not really) places torches onto the ground.
  • Profit! He goes back to (nearly) the exact same spot where he left off of.
  • He starts the video.
  • PROFIT! That's really how the light switch works.
You see, it's really not that hard to explain, however, it's pretty hard to pull off, and I imagine he must have had a few tries to get it. If you actually download the world save, it's not really a lever that turns on the light, it sets off a bunch of TNT and then you die, just like all the other traps that he put on just for a few surprises.

For me, I died of the diamond mine and the animal cannon. The animal cannon (which backfired and blew my ass apart along with the tower) because I want to try to launch myself into the air, and the diamond mine (in which I wanted to see how it worked.) because of pure stupidity. I must have been feeling sleepy because there was no way the lever could have opened the iron door. One of them nearly killed me, which was the animation screen, where that one, I knew that this one might have been a trap, but since I didn't see an enormous multitude of redstone behind the "screen", I suspected it might have been a trap, so I just threw leather at it. Immediately, the trap went off and I ran away, but not far enough as I took about 9 hearts of damage. Luckily, I also took a lot of leather from the map's spawn point and I lived. Also I accidentally fell into the animal trap and killed myself in the traps.

There were other traps as well, known as the waterslide (which I never knew about until I watched the video about it) and some others as well. The monster trap was another one as well.

Well that's all for now.