Random Thoughts Pt. 1

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A bunch of random thoughts. And no, I'm not dead. Rated T for language.

Canada's retirement age should be 75, because our population will undoubtly get larger, our baby boomers (one of which being my father) will eventually become retirees thus raising our dependancy load, again. With the coming of a double-dip recession, it seems that our standard of living will keep a downfall. I suppose this is a bit extreme, but let's raise our retirement age to 75, just for the sake of keeping our standard of living.

SOPA sucks. It's a poorly formulated and overzealous way that garan-f*cking-tees complete and utter destruction of the internet. I don't know how anyone can be as f*cked up as them to create this g*dd*mn c*cksucking a**hole piece of sh*t that g*dd*mn f*cking sucks! In my opinion, I'd like this to disa-f*cking-ppear! How about NOPA, the No Online Piracy Act. Thumbs up if you agree!

Christian extremists are called "evandalists"

I finished reading most of Wikipedia, Now to find something else to read. Any ideas, besides fanfiction?


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I've now had the worst Christmas break to date. First, one of my Minecraft worlds got corrupted, which cancels the SS Project. Then, during a family Chrstimas party on the 25th, my cousins spiked a drink, which nearly landed me in the hospital. I, again, recieved nothing really useful for Christmas. And now, my mother somehow managed to get a kitchen knife to fall on her foot, which means she probably has to go to the hospital to get stitches, just a hour before the party begins.

The only good thing that came out of these holidays is that I beat Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Veteran. That took at least 14 or 15 hours of my life, and I died about 20 times on the first level. After that, I still managed find all 30 pieces of intel, without hacking, and that felt like it took at least over 9000 hours to complete.

Loopholes 1

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KidsWatch is a really, really good parental controls software. It blocked me from using: RegEdit, Revo Uninstaller, Google (no kidding!), Minecraft, and Cain + Abel. But here's a small bit of loopholes that I found out of using this.

1. If not Revo Uninstaller, then CCleaner and HijackThis should work fine.

2. Instead of using RegEditor (Registry Editor) you can download Windows Registry Viewer. If blocked from installing executable files, save the download and rename it "iexplorer.exe". RegASSASSIN from Malwarebytes' Corp should also work.

Water and the world

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Water and the world. It's good for you. And this is why it's bad for you!

  1. "If you get thirsty, it means you're already dehydrated" I figured that this one is full of SH!T. I mean, HOW COULD IT?!!? If this is true, then every animal on the planet would have collapsed and died a long time ago! 
  2. "Drinking loads of water is good for you" This one is really deceptive, but nope, boolean FALSE!!! Drinking too much water can dilute the potassium levels in your blood, therefore raising your stroke risk.
  3. "Coffee and tea dehydrate you" ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! This is merely a deceptive sales tactic designed to wean you off coffee and tea and increase your chances of buying bottled water! However, I don't mind drinking bottled water, because if you drink out of the tap, you get one of the most dangerous problems in the world:
  4. "Flouridated water helps prevent cavities" NOW THIS ONE IS THE ONE WITH THE MOST SHIT IN IT!!! THIS IS A DEADLY, DISGRACEFUL LIE!!! AND IT DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL AND DIE!!! Sorry for the flame, but it's quite a bad piece of crud. First of all, the opposite is true, they discovered that flouridating water can INCREASE the chances of cavities. Secondly, FLOURIDE IS A BY-PRODUCT OF ALUMINUM, AND IT'S ALL FOR THE MONEY!!! Flouride didn't have a purpose a little while ago, so they used it for RAT POISON and INSECTICIDE. So... If You Really Want To Pay For The Authroities To Put Rat Poison In Our Water, Then You Are In For A Really Short Life!!!

I hope you've learned about water today.

WTF!!! is wrong with TSA!!!

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What is wrong with the TSA? They really don't have any logic whassoevvar. WTFWTFWTF? They made this weird genital thingie that's supposed to check your penis for any explosives. I only found that out because I was searching up national organizations and whatnot. WTF is that supposed to mean then, do you mean that if you go to the bathroom on a plane, you have a chance of killing everyone on board. In other words, MY P*N*S IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!


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DPA is now happening. (DPA is daily physical activity.)

Diagnostic Reading Assesments

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Diagnostic Reading Assesments are heaved upon our weary sould YET AGAIN!!! I know this is inappropriate, but:

What The Fuck!

This just doesn't make any sense. I had to do this every year, from Grade 4 - 8 and this is driving me INSANE. So what is a DRA? It's a set of pointless questions that ask you where you live, what's your name, and what date it is today. Also it tells you to predict, infer, and metacoggy thingy. That's kind of pointless considering you don't really need ot predict anything in real life before you read. This is called critical thinking. I sort of think that Critical thinking is pointless in some ways because having someone learn how to properly infer, predict, summarize, metacoggymajiggy and the like is really not something that you will have to have once you're 18. So seriously, What The Fuck!