Loopholes 1

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KidsWatch is a really, really good parental controls software. It blocked me from using: RegEdit, Revo Uninstaller, Google (no kidding!), Minecraft, and Cain + Abel. But here's a small bit of loopholes that I found out of using this.

1. If not Revo Uninstaller, then CCleaner and HijackThis should work fine.

2. Instead of using RegEditor (Registry Editor) you can download Windows Registry Viewer. If blocked from installing executable files, save the download and rename it "iexplorer.exe". RegASSASSIN from Malwarebytes' Corp should also work.

Water and the world

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Water and the world. It's good for you. And this is why it's bad for you!

  1. "If you get thirsty, it means you're already dehydrated" I figured that this one is full of SH!T. I mean, HOW COULD IT?!!? If this is true, then every animal on the planet would have collapsed and died a long time ago! 
  2. "Drinking loads of water is good for you" This one is really deceptive, but nope, boolean FALSE!!! Drinking too much water can dilute the potassium levels in your blood, therefore raising your stroke risk.
  3. "Coffee and tea dehydrate you" ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! This is merely a deceptive sales tactic designed to wean you off coffee and tea and increase your chances of buying bottled water! However, I don't mind drinking bottled water, because if you drink out of the tap, you get one of the most dangerous problems in the world:
  4. "Flouridated water helps prevent cavities" NOW THIS ONE IS THE ONE WITH THE MOST SHIT IN IT!!! THIS IS A DEADLY, DISGRACEFUL LIE!!! AND IT DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL AND DIE!!! Sorry for the flame, but it's quite a bad piece of crud. First of all, the opposite is true, they discovered that flouridating water can INCREASE the chances of cavities. Secondly, FLOURIDE IS A BY-PRODUCT OF ALUMINUM, AND IT'S ALL FOR THE MONEY!!! Flouride didn't have a purpose a little while ago, so they used it for RAT POISON and INSECTICIDE. So... If You Really Want To Pay For The Authroities To Put Rat Poison In Our Water, Then You Are In For A Really Short Life!!!

I hope you've learned about water today.

WTF!!! is wrong with TSA!!!

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What is wrong with the TSA? They really don't have any logic whassoevvar. WTFWTFWTF? They made this weird genital thingie that's supposed to check your penis for any explosives. I only found that out because I was searching up national organizations and whatnot. WTF is that supposed to mean then, do you mean that if you go to the bathroom on a plane, you have a chance of killing everyone on board. In other words, MY P*N*S IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!

Kiershar's Map Save

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If you've been on Youtube and watching kiershar's videos, you may have seen the video about the monster trap (not the skyhigh trap). There is apparently a light switch used to turn on a multitude of torches that "magically" appear. Now if you want to figure this out yourself, then don't read the following. if you're too lazy to do anything properly, then read the following.

How the light switch works:


  • It's not magic, first, he places a lever onto wall.
  • He starts the video
  • When he gets to the point where he enters the trap, he flips the lever...
  • Then stops the video!
  • He uses grabs a bunch of torches, then haphazardly (not really) places torches onto the ground.
  • Profit! He goes back to (nearly) the exact same spot where he left off of.
  • He starts the video.
  • PROFIT! That's really how the light switch works.
You see, it's really not that hard to explain, however, it's pretty hard to pull off, and I imagine he must have had a few tries to get it. If you actually download the world save, it's not really a lever that turns on the light, it sets off a bunch of TNT and then you die, just like all the other traps that he put on just for a few surprises.

For me, I died of the diamond mine and the animal cannon. The animal cannon (which backfired and blew my ass apart along with the tower) because I want to try to launch myself into the air, and the diamond mine (in which I wanted to see how it worked.) because of pure stupidity. I must have been feeling sleepy because there was no way the lever could have opened the iron door. One of them nearly killed me, which was the animation screen, where that one, I knew that this one might have been a trap, but since I didn't see an enormous multitude of redstone behind the "screen", I suspected it might have been a trap, so I just threw leather at it. Immediately, the trap went off and I ran away, but not far enough as I took about 9 hearts of damage. Luckily, I also took a lot of leather from the map's spawn point and I lived. Also I accidentally fell into the animal trap and killed myself in the traps.

There were other traps as well, known as the waterslide (which I never knew about until I watched the video about it) and some others as well. The monster trap was another one as well.

Well that's all for now.


Presenting Enoch's Utilities

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I've done quite a bit of programming for that past March Break and I'm glad to present: Enoch's Utilities!

This is done with Visual Basic 6 and I've currently made quite a few items. Includes:

  • Calculator (with sines, cosines, tangents, rngs, pythag, rounding and more!)
  • Calendar (only for the purpose of knowing the date)
  • Minecraft Falling Damage Calculator (now open source!)
  • A slot machine (which I made because a friend requested it)
  • A fake game (which I did during lunch time at school.)
  • Digital Clock (Only for the purpose of knowing the time, and you can only change it by changing the computer time.)
  • A Keylogger (which will need to have some type of support for other characters such as caps lock and symbols)
  • A unit converter which takes up a bit too much space so I will have to shrink it down a bit.
  • A stopwatch timer (Will add miliseconds soon!)
  • A media player which is known as Mendim's Media Player, which I downloaded so then I can edit the funtions used in it to create a better media player which will look much more different than the one that I originally downloaded, where I will be able to add visualizations to and other things that help enhance the player and other things that will also add things such as sound enhancers and the ability to slow down/speed up the video player and then use that to sell it on the Internet which is where I'm going to make a lot of money out of, where the media player is goiing to be a bit like VLC media player only that the one that I'm going to make isn't going to be free.
Wow, that's a long run-on sentence! Well, that should be fine with me as long as I can make money out of it, then donate about half of it to Japan because just a week ago, there was a Gigantic 8.9 earthquake in Japan along with a tsunami that pretty much destroyed the place, which is the most destructible thing that happened to Japan since Hiroshima and Nagisaki.

If you can, please donate to Japan. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! FOR THE WORLD!!!

Wahey! I'm back with news!

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Wahey! I'm back with news!

Currently, there isn't much to talk about here because there isnt' much going on except that my grad photos are ready to be ordered and my dad is trying to fix our old Windows 98 computer by removing everything on the inside to buy new components to make the computer run like new. He says it's supposed to "Save Money", however it still costs about $700 to buy everything, which isn't that much money saved, considering a laptop could be bought at around the same price with the same computing power, but with Windows 7 Home Premium and also, much smaller and, best of all, ITS PORTABLE!!!

Now for something pretty interesting: Did you know that every few years, your new computer becomes obselete. Well, that's what my dad said, but really, in about 120 years or so, old Turing machines like these will probably become obselete as newer quantum computers take place.. These computers can actually multitask. Instead of switching their attention from one task to another really quickly, they can split their computing power and concentrate on two things at once, preventing crashes. Also, they are much, much faster. If I had one, then I would have the power to crack encryption algorithms in seconds, which can possibly allow me to access classified information. (For you NSA n00bz out there, I don't have a quantum computer, so that's not going to happen anytime soon.) Which means no one on the internet would be safe.

The other thing that's really getting to my nerves is probably a girl who sits on the school bus (yes, a school bus, fine I admit it, I'm only in Grade 8 but what the f**k.) who always tries to trip me, says I'm stupid, makes snide comments about how my face looks like a plastic surgery gone wrong, and other really stoopid pieces of sh!t that she talks about. I'm not going to mention her name, for obvious reasons. And that's it.

This is one of the longest posts I've done so far.


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DPA is now happening. (DPA is daily physical activity.)

Diagnostic Reading Assesments

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Diagnostic Reading Assesments are heaved upon our weary sould YET AGAIN!!! I know this is inappropriate, but:

What The Fuck!

This just doesn't make any sense. I had to do this every year, from Grade 4 - 8 and this is driving me INSANE. So what is a DRA? It's a set of pointless questions that ask you where you live, what's your name, and what date it is today. Also it tells you to predict, infer, and metacoggy thingy. That's kind of pointless considering you don't really need ot predict anything in real life before you read. This is called critical thinking. I sort of think that Critical thinking is pointless in some ways because having someone learn how to properly infer, predict, summarize, metacoggymajiggy and the like is really not something that you will have to have once you're 18. So seriously, What The Fuck!