What is happening now. I'm currently 98% happy with what is going on right now. Might be 100%, but there's a 2% margin of error.

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Conformity Hazard

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Apparently, expressing my opinion is a violation of the First Amendment (even though I'm Pure Canadian Blood). This may be my last update before I become a target for termination. It's a shame, you can't just trust anyone nowadays.

[NBK] Warden Dwight McClusky

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Napalatoni: Warden!

Dwight McClusky: Yes! What is it, Natapundi?

Napalatoni: Napalatoni!



(*Rolling on floor, laughing my goddamn motherf**king arse off!)


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I'm pretty good at Tetris (like going at 110+ TPM average). But when it comes to TetrisFriends, I really suck (misdrops and speed). That is because you can't customize the game like editing the tox colours and all the extra animations like line-clearing speed, and every time you clear a line it shows the amount of points you earn, and all that fancy chrome-like interface.

Since I go for speed, I generally use Cultris which is extremely fast and simplistic. You're able to customize the game pieces, so I can get rid of all the colours except for the I piece, which is green. Other than that, I sometimes ues LockJaw for the fun of showing off.

And about speed? Like I've mentioned before, I can go around 110 TPM. I have a few friends who can go 140+, and I think the fastest I've every seen is approx. 220~ish. The fastest a human brain can go is about 230 - 240 TPM because your brain can't interpret the pieces any faster.


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At school, I've been getting a lot of reports on why I'm being rude to people. I'm not being rude. I'm just starting become self-aware. Self-aware that I exist and can make my own decisions, not having anyone make decisions for me. It's not the average teenage independance, it's your not-average guy who becomes self-aware. It looks like no one else is though.

On the other hand, I'm a Christian, an evandalist, a human, a Minecrafter, a researcher, a programmer, a VoDKanist and I can rabbit on for hours...

Free beer!

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I hate video game controversies and other stupid arguments.

Why must so many people be so stupid! I don't give a fuck about why 'No Russian' (from Modern Warfare 2) is such a big problem/controversy. No Russian was in the game for a good reason, not to give shock content, but to show how 'World War III' begins.

But that's irrelavent to my point...

My point is that I don't fucking care what other people think of this so-called 'controversial level'. I'm gonna have to make my own game where you kill random civilians for fun, like GTA, but in a different perspective. Where you can go in some place, like a coffee shop or a school or an airport, and shoot the fuck out of people. I'm so damn tired of all the games where you're the good guy and shoot all the bad guys, I'm tired of being the police. I want to see what it's like being the bad end of the war. So in this game, it's like GTA, but NBK all the same. You can go anywhere you want and shoot anyone you want, whether it be at your local police station, your local school, a shopping mall, and meh, that'll be fun!

Hm. Did that sound a bit violent to you? It should be.

Random Thoughts Pt. 3

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WARNING!!! This post contains a lot of swearing and ranting. I don't fu*king care what you think though, I'm so glad Canada has free speech rights, like free beer.

Ohh, my head!!! I've got yet another hangover from last night's celebration! HEEHEEH! Just kidding, I'm still underage. This stupid thing still fucking annoys me to Hell, though, cuz teh IARD stands for Idiotic RetARD. It's a fucking rule that's supposed to "help" save us from shooters who intend to kill, not take hostages. This "Immediate Action Rapid Deployment" majiggy was adopted after teh Columbine Incident, which was the worst best thing that'll ever happen to America until 9/11. GAWD! I fuckin' hate those assholes who think they're better than we are. Isn't humanity about "equality"? Isn't it that we were suppoed to get rid of racism, but it's still happening in my school's cafetorium?!

Some guy called me a 'niner' a few years ago, and I called him a 'hater'.

It still seems the worst fucking things in this world are the police. GAWWD!! Holy Mary Mother of God, I hate those fucking cunts with all my heart! I see things as they are now, our country is corrupted. Everyone else in here believes our country is awesome because they only look at the PROS. What about our CONS, like our Native Americans suffering regular abuse from the government! Toronto has a fuckload of drug dealers, I've witnessed one before in Chinatown! I've also nearly been mugged!

The United States spends more than 900 million dollars on the millitary every year, yet they still have a problem with the world. Where's our tax money going to? To the guns that kill more people every day than AIDS did in 20 years!

So god-fucking-damn stu-fucking-pid!!!

The Mau5 and the Rat6

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They both make nice music, though the Rat6 is an obvious parody of the Mau5.

Random Thoughts Pt. 2

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I was on GTA: Chinatown Wars, which I ripped off of my friend's DS ROM and put it on my emulator. Then I cheated a flamethrower. After that, I enjoyed setting the police on fire. Meh. BURN IN HELL MUDDAFUQQA!!! BURN BABY BURN, DISCO INFERNO, COOK YA MUDDAFUQQA!!!

Snow Day, again. Apparently, they think it's funny to give false messages on the radio saying school has not been cancelled so I'd have to take the 20 minute walk through goddamn blizzard, find out that there's no school in the first place, then walk back home, again. What a waste of my time, yo!

Yo Man, was my original facebook name. I changed it to Cree Asplode Perr, but Facebook rejected it within months of changing it, so I changed it to my pseudonym, Enoch Jay Li.

By the way, I have friends too y'know. Andrew Marx, a Canadian-born American; Joe Roberts (Joe Bob), a Canadian who lives somewhere in Toronto; Alphonso, from somewhere in America; and (code-name) VoDKa, who is NOT Dylan Kleboid but some other guy from China.

Snow Day.

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It's a snow day.


Oh they've got to be takin' a piss. I've just busted my arse studying 'round the clock for three unit tests, and now it's a fu*king snow day! Which kinda sucks because I'm writing this at SCHOOL!!! The cafeteria is closed, this means I can't buy food. And even if you can, I've got no money. Can't go home my mother's gone until 2:00 PM, laptop battery's dyin', and barely 100 people showed up, meaning every class I've got has less than 5 people!


Point is, SOPA's dead.

Our Idiots

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This is what I think of the government. It might sound obscene, but if you think about it, it's true. Here's the link:

By the way, I do understand that no one on the internet will ever see this page because no one on the internet knows about it. But nevermind, nevermind, those people will one day stumbleupon this website!