Random Thoughts Pt. 3

Posted on March 3, 2012 at 11:50 PM

WARNING!!! This post contains a lot of swearing and ranting. I don't fu*king care what you think though, I'm so glad Canada has free speech rights, like free beer.

Ohh, my head!!! I've got yet another hangover from last night's celebration! HEEHEEH! Just kidding, I'm still underage. This stupid thing still fucking annoys me to Hell, though, cuz teh IARD stands for Idiotic RetARD. It's a fucking rule that's supposed to "help" save us from shooters who intend to kill, not take hostages. This "Immediate Action Rapid Deployment" majiggy was adopted after teh Columbine Incident, which was the worst best thing that'll ever happen to America until 9/11. GAWD! I fuckin' hate those assholes who think they're better than we are. Isn't humanity about "equality"? Isn't it that we were suppoed to get rid of racism, but it's still happening in my school's cafetorium?!

Some guy called me a 'niner' a few years ago, and I called him a 'hater'.

It still seems the worst fucking things in this world are the police. GAWWD!! Holy Mary Mother of God, I hate those fucking cunts with all my heart! I see things as they are now, our country is corrupted. Everyone else in here believes our country is awesome because they only look at the PROS. What about our CONS, like our Native Americans suffering regular abuse from the government! Toronto has a fuckload of drug dealers, I've witnessed one before in Chinatown! I've also nearly been mugged!

The United States spends more than 900 million dollars on the millitary every year, yet they still have a problem with the world. Where's our tax money going to? To the guns that kill more people every day than AIDS did in 20 years!

So god-fucking-damn stu-fucking-pid!!!

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