Posted on April 27, 2012 at 7:05 PM

I'm pretty good at Tetris (like going at 110+ TPM average). But when it comes to TetrisFriends, I really suck (misdrops and speed). That is because you can't customize the game like editing the tox colours and all the extra animations like line-clearing speed, and every time you clear a line it shows the amount of points you earn, and all that fancy chrome-like interface.

Since I go for speed, I generally use Cultris which is extremely fast and simplistic. You're able to customize the game pieces, so I can get rid of all the colours except for the I piece, which is green. Other than that, I sometimes ues LockJaw for the fun of showing off.

And about speed? Like I've mentioned before, I can go around 110 TPM. I have a few friends who can go 140+, and I think the fastest I've every seen is approx. 220~ish. The fastest a human brain can go is about 230 - 240 TPM because your brain can't interpret the pieces any faster.

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