Water and the world

Posted on May 9, 2011 at 9:14 AM

Water and the world. It's good for you. And this is why it's bad for you!

  1. "If you get thirsty, it means you're already dehydrated" I figured that this one is full of SH!T. I mean, HOW COULD IT?!!? If this is true, then every animal on the planet would have collapsed and died a long time ago! 
  2. "Drinking loads of water is good for you" This one is really deceptive, but nope, boolean FALSE!!! Drinking too much water can dilute the potassium levels in your blood, therefore raising your stroke risk.
  3. "Coffee and tea dehydrate you" ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! This is merely a deceptive sales tactic designed to wean you off coffee and tea and increase your chances of buying bottled water! However, I don't mind drinking bottled water, because if you drink out of the tap, you get one of the most dangerous problems in the world:
  4. "Flouridated water helps prevent cavities" NOW THIS ONE IS THE ONE WITH THE MOST SHIT IN IT!!! THIS IS A DEADLY, DISGRACEFUL LIE!!! AND IT DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL AND DIE!!! Sorry for the flame, but it's quite a bad piece of crud. First of all, the opposite is true, they discovered that flouridating water can INCREASE the chances of cavities. Secondly, FLOURIDE IS A BY-PRODUCT OF ALUMINUM, AND IT'S ALL FOR THE MONEY!!! Flouride didn't have a purpose a little while ago, so they used it for RAT POISON and INSECTICIDE. So... If You Really Want To Pay For The Authroities To Put Rat Poison In Our Water, Then You Are In For A Really Short Life!!!

I hope you've learned about water today.

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Reply enoch_exe_inc
11:35 AM on May 9, 2011 
By the way, I used this for my public speech mark. Also, sorry for the flaming, but it was absolutely necessary at this point! Loads of crap that I believed in for years have now become clear to me.